The quality of the

The quality policy "Better never than wrong" Message is behind us in the performance of our daily professional duties. The overriding aim of the RUN of the cold store in Włocławek is the production of frozen food that meets the needs and expectations of our customers and ensuring their complete satisfaction. We make every effort to products manufactured by us are:-safe from health point of view-in accordance with the provisions of the food law-satisfy expectations for stability and repeatability features "everything we do, we do for the customer. Customer satisfaction is our success. " Our goals is achieved through:-the involvement of all employees-employees ' awareness that the quality is carried out by them in carrying out everyday tasks-well trained and better their qualifications crew-cooperation with the client by assessing their needs and analysis of reviews about products-selection of suppliers who meet our quality requirements-improvement technologies and manufacturing processes to meet the needs and expectations of the audience-the implementation and continuous improvement of the quality system HACCP. Quality is for us a determining factor of success, further development and position of our company on the market. That's why we consistently to build trust and credibility of the company, by ensuring the declared level of quality of our products, ensure punctual deliveries and competitive prices. The quality of the on-guard the quality of products, services and customer support are certifications: BRC, IFS, ISO 9001:2000, which we have been counted. They are for the safety of food products.

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