New arrivals

  • The decision of the Veterinary Inspectorate got right to the production of fish and seafood-based products. In fact, this means a willingness to broaden our range of fish specialities.

We believe that this step will result in a new exclusive products.

  • On 29-April 30, 2008 we went through passing of a re-certification audit positively BRC. We maintained the highest rating provided for in the scale of the awards.
  • 10-11.01.2008 certyfikujacy audit took place in which the company was again awarded a certificate at a higher level.
  • On 08-09 2008 recently upgraded production for processing of fruits and vegetables was BRC certified for horizontal (B).
  • One of our recent investment is the purchase of equipment for the production of Formax toppingów. Makes us having such technology to develop cooperation with Pizza Hut and other pizzerias. We expanded its potential through the acquisition of two new Irish drill and American Harvester to drilling and harvesting corn.

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