RUN Refrigerated currently produces several types of frozen dishes, as well as fruits and vegetables: strawberries, cherries, black and red currants, blueberries, plums, onions, broccoli, cauliflowers. These products are sold on the markets of the European Union and in the country. The company employs 380 workers, under the leadership of Mr. the President of Remigius Narkowicza, selected for this position by the votes of the shareholders of the company. Mr. Alexander Vollmann serves as Chairman of the Supervisory Council RUN cold at the same time managing the company RUN Polish-American Company. People, quality, certifications and standards. Our motto is "Better at all, than" Cooler in Włocławek always appreciated was on the market due to the high quality of its products, frozen. After privatization and the founding company RUN Cooler, new management has adopted the principle that only continuous focus on manufacturing the highest quality products, will allow the company to gain and retain valued customers on today's heavily competitive markets. The Board understands that the food industry only top class employees can produce the highest quality product. Therefore, our vision of the future of zaczynia from the people. With this in mind, we invest in employees, providing continuous training programmes in the field of production safety, hygienic requirements, and soft skills, such as. team work. The company has also developed an internal incentive system that rewards employees for the excellent work. RUN Refrigerated intensively invests in new production lines and upgraded cooling facilities. Constantly improving the quality and efficiency of the entire production process, from the cooperation with the suppliers, the delivery of the finished product to our customers. Our plant produces food products in accordance with the requirements of the European Union and has EU licenses for processing and freezing of meat, as well as for the storage and distribution of meat products of poultry, beef and pork. In addition, many of our products complies with the requirements of the USDA (u.s.). Our quality assurance system HACCP food safety assumed all products of the company. From January 2004 bet our is certified by IFS (International Food Standard), granted at a higher level by TUV Nord-Cert. Customers Customers are the lifeblood of any business, so we we focus on continuous meeting changing needs, expectations and tastes of our customers. We want all of our employees have a deep inner belief that success and the success of the company and, consequently, professional success and benefits related by themselves, depend directly on customer satisfaction. For the RUN of the cold store customer satisfaction is paramount. We are very proud of our earned intimacy with clients such as Animex and Yano (rotating meat products), KFC, Pizza Hut, Alima Gerber, Pillsbury, Bonduelle, Orkla Foods, Agraimpex, Agrohanza, Geant, Suchan, Globi and with other networks of super-and hypermarkets. The provider we understand that in order to produce products of the highest quality, we should start from the supply of raw materials-fruits, vegetables and meat-also of the highest quality. Mrs. Anna Kawalec, Director of supply, is responsible for the selection of our suppliers and the daily functioning of the supply chain. Raw meat we with a few carefully selected slaughterhouses which meet the requirements of the EU. The vast majority of our fruit and vegetables come from suppliers with our closest surroundings of Kuyavia, who is famous in Poland with the fertile soil, mild climate and high culture. We work closely with our suppliers, farmers, so that the delivered products meet our high quality standards. Seminal material and sadzonkowy, as well as the working force and machines often are provided by RUN Cooler, which also helps to ensure high quality and allows the traceability of the product from the plant to the finished product. Frozen ready meals Our frozen ready meals, meat and meat-and-vegetable products are manufactured under the brand name "8 minutes". All products in a variety of packaging options can be found in most supermarkets, wholesalers and in medium and smaller retail outlets. Our frozen food we supply also caterers. Fruit and vegetable blend Our frozen fruit, vegetables and fruit and vegetable blends are sold under the brand name "Taste Garden". Sweet corn flasks and in the grain is known and appreciated by clients under the popular brand "Gold of America".

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