Refrigerated in Włocławek was created in 1952, as a State owned company. Bet he was freezing fruits and vegetables, manufacture a range of frozen ready meals, as well as the provision of services of freezing and storing frozen food. iuiu over the years, management of the company successfully developed the production of frozen foods and refrigeration service, supplying domestic and international markets cold storage products. In the 1980s, the company started exporting, mainly meat-and-vegetable products on the German market. Since then, hundreds of tons of processed meat products were exported to Germany. The volume of production grew from year to year, and a list of products poszerzaliśmy what time it later. A strategic investor and principal shareholder major shareholder RUN cold store is RUN Polish-American Company. Founded in 1992, the company, has been producing sweet corn, mainly in the flasks. This project proved to be a great success. Quality American corn varieties grown on the fertile soils of Kuyavia and worked by the RUN based on the standards of the USDA (Department of Agriculture). Thanks to the uncompromising policy of achieving top quality products, RUN is constantly growing, long-term cooperation with m.in. network restaurant Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, supermarkets. Shortly after you expand the business, the company began to export maize also for network KFC and Pizza Hut in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and to the Czech Prague. In 1999, the RUN began the production of corn in grain. Due to the constantly growing demand for corn and raise a strategic British recipient currently increased areas of plantations to 500ha high.

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