The future of the

Investments and development since the privatisation process has ended, the new owners of the company started the investment in modern production technology, production facilities and equipment for the manufacture of products of the highest quality, so, in order to successfully be able to compete on the domestic and foreign markets. We invest in the production and marketing on a continuous basis. Our company strongly focuses on strengthening its market position as a manufacturer of branded frozen products ready for Polish market. We are also developing our industrial base in the country and abroad, for which we are the preferred provider partially processed products. Our Marketing Department, under the leadership of Mr. Nicholas Bławata, closely tracks the market ready products frozen, to adjust our offer to the expectations of the market. We have also the identification and assessment of any new emerging market prospects. The approach to new challenges which is gaining more and more prestigious, demanding a very high requirements. These activities are designed to ensure the satisfaction of our customer. New ventures based on our experience and existing links to the market with entrepreneurs in Eastern Europe, we're currently working on the creation of joint ventures with companies in the CIS countries.

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