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RUN Cooler has its head office in Włocławek, which is in the heart of the fertile region of Kuyavia. The Polish Division, agricultural traditions going back hundreds of years, can boast an exceptionally fertile czarnoziemami. Thanks to its favourable, we are able to regularly control the orchards and vegetable growing our suppliers. Our HACCP system guarantees that the threat of such, as for example. the presence of foreign bodies or any other crop contamination is virtually impossible. The processes of blanching and freezing are under constant supervision, so as to ensure the proper classification of qualitative raw material handled. Machinery and equipment are regularly cleanse and disinfect after each production cycle. In addition to conducting their own investigations czystościowych, microbiological purity status is also monitored by independent laboratories. The production process is carried out under the continuous supervision of highly qualified personnel, which is designed to take care of the smooth production process. This can be illustrated by the example of sweet corn in flasks, which we produce with 6 000 tons of raw material. Processing is carried out in a very short period of time, which means that between the collection of the raw material from the field, and the submission of a product in the cooling Chamber (temp. -22 ° c) may not take more than a few hours. At the time so fast processing takes a flask from the leaves, blanszuje and freezes, which is designed to provide an excellent, natural flavor and consistency by maintaining the quality of the sugars in the grain. The quality of our maize far exceeds the product of our competitors on the retail market. Both deep frozen fruits and vegetables, and meat products and processed are manufactured under strictly subject to the HACCP procedures. RUN Cooler, use the second production hall in the summer of 2005, have multiplied its capacity both to the number of ranges and volume of production. Production system is designed so that separates pre-treatment of raw material from further production processes. Room for this purpose are divided into zones "sterile" and "non-sterile", so that the road, which are transmitted raw materials not intersected with roads of finished products. The procedures for cleaning and sterilization are intended to provide the required purity of production premises, machinery and equipment after every production batch. To maintain a constant level of quality, as far as possible develop, the company has invested in a number of projects. In 2003, within the framework of the PHARE programme, we have installed a security system, monitoring the installation it is fixed. Owners and employees RUN Cold with the hope they look into the future. We are expanding our markets and we hope to soon raise them on a global scale.

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