We are a fami­ly busi­ness.
We make sure that the work and con­tact with our com­pa­ny give a good back­gro­und for the full expe­rien­ce of a fami­ly life. In the com­pa­ny itself, we want rela­tions simi­lar to tho­se that can be found in a good fami­ly. Mutu­al sup­port, care, under­stan­ding, but also mutu­al expec­ta­tions of a high level of per­so­nal cul­tu­re, mutu­al rela­tions and work are the most impor­tant valu­es for us.


Inter­per­so­nal rela­tions have been the most impor­tant thing sin­ce the foun­da­tion of the com­pa­ny. The basis of the­se valu­es is hone­sty. We moni­tor all our acti­vi­ties with the prin­ci­ples of hone­sty and cre­di­bi­li­ty. We are guided by inte­gri­ty towards sta­tes and the­ir legal sys­tems, busi­ness part­ners, employ­ees and pro­ducts. We employ employ­ees legal­ly, we pay taxes, we do not ste­al, we do not corrupt.


Main­ta­ining the highest quali­ty and safe­ty of pro­ducts is not only our duty and respon­si­bi­li­ty, but also our pas­sion and pur­po­se. We invo­lve all employ­ees of the com­pa­ny to under­stand the quali­ty.
Our goal is to be able to say one day that all employ­ees work in the quali­ty depart­ment. We are deman­ding and reliable.