We have been gro­wing swe­et and super swe­et varie­ties of corn for 23 years. In coope­ra­tion with
our gro­wers, we sow, grow and col­lect corn cobs from the best Polish kujaw­skie soils. During so
many years of prac­ti­ce, we have deve­lo­ped the skill of a very diver­se cut­ting pro­cess of cobs. Due
to this, as the only pro­du­cer of corn, we can ful­ly con­cen­tra­te on the opti­mal taste and dairy
con­si­sten­cy of juicy seeds. Our cobs are a top quali­ty pro­duct for custo­mers looking for per­fec­tion
in eve­ry bite of served food. We care­ful­ly moni­tor the con­tent of pesti­ci­des, mold, yeast and
bac­te­ria so that we are sure abo­ut the safe­ty of our products.

We have been invo­lved in the pro­duc­tion of fro­zen herbs sin­ce 2013. We offer par­sley, dill, chi­ves,
basil, mint, corian­der and spring onion. They are used in the pro­duc­tion of lyophi­li­sa­tes, fasci­nes,
sau­ces, soups, salads, cas­se­ro­les, piz­zas, san­dwi­ches, meat and che­ese fil­lings, as well as
addi­ti­ves to main cour­ses. We grow all herbs in coope­ra­tion with top-class gro­wers of the Polish
Kuja­wy soils. Herbs are fro­zen within a few hours after harvest, pro­vi­ding unu­su­al aro­ma, fla­vor
and pro­duct structure.

We have been spe­cia­li­zing in the pro­duc­tion of fro­zen fru­it and vege­ta­bles for 65 years. We fre­eze:
straw­ber­ries, cher­ries, cur­rants, rhu­barb, broc­co­li and cau­li­flo­wer. Due to long-term rela­tion­ship
and part­ner­ship with far­mers, we can ensu­re the uni­for­mi­ty of a par­ti­cu­lar varie­tal ran­ge and full
con­trol over the plant pro­tec­tion pro­ducts used. Our pro­ducts have a uni­que aro­ma and fla­vor due
to the quali­ty of Kuja­wy soils and long expe­rien­ce of farmers.

We have been spe­cia­li­zing in the pro­duc­tion of hand-made rolls and stuf­fed cab­ba­ge rolls for 30
years. We sup­ply main­ly indu­strial and cate­ring custo­mers. Our rolls and stuf­fed cab­ba­ge rolls are
used in the pro­duc­tion of: ready-made dishes in trays, ready-made can­ned dishes and as a part of
din­ner, which after being heated is ready for con­sump­tion. They are cha­rac­te­ri­zed by a very
tra­di­tio­nal method of manu­al wrap­ping and ste­wing in the­ir own sau­ce. They main­ta­in the highest
taste and quali­ty values.

We have been pro­du­cing top-quali­ty kebabs for seve­ral years. Meat ingre­dients from selec­ted
sup­pliers, ori­gi­nal spi­ces and a Kur­dish reci­pe make the pro­duct have a uni­que taste and
appe­aran­ce. Obse­rving stric­tly defi­ned pro­duc­tion tech­no­lo­gy, we main­ta­in a high stan­dard of the
pro­duct that reta­ins all its quali­ties during gril­ling. We rece­ive con­ti­nu­al pra­ise from clients which is
a moti­va­tion for us to con­stan­tly improve.